NLS 3000 is an easy to use navigation lantern control and monitoring system, with up to 48 channels which is type approved by German Lloyd (GL). It can alternatively be operated with power supplies 24VDC, 115VAC or 230VAC. Function keys allow standard settings such as “at sea” , “at anchor” , “ram” or “reversal of heading” to be activated by a single button or even automatically by an external contact.

Due to the modular concept a versatile application according to the requirements on board is possible. The lantern modules can be mounted either in a central control cabinet or in the vicinity of the respective lanterns. 

Up to two conventional and/or graphical control panels can be connected to control and monitor the lantern status. 
A terminal box then contains the in- and output terminals as well as the power supply module with automatic main/emergency switch-over. The dimensions of the terminal box are according to the equipment. Equipped with two potential free alarm contacts the connection of external sirens or the activation of external alarm systems are possible.

As optional modules are available NMEA 0183 interface to VDR and a Modbus-RTU interface used for external control and monitoring e.g. by the ship’s automation system.

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