Double braid nylon rope is the backbone of the yachting and marine industries. Double braid cord is versatile and 15% stronger than twisted nylon ropes, which are already very strong. Perfect for boat docks, mooring lines, anchor lines, and boating. This cordage is also ideal for horse halters and reins, dog leashes, interior design, and visual displays in theaters or commercial spaces.
With a wide variety of diameters and pre-cut lengths to choose from it’s easy to find the strongest, most versatile rope that’s perfect for you and any application you have. The combination of high-grade marine nylon, special torque-balanced construction, and a unique stabilization process produces a long-wearing, easy-to-handle line that resists kinking. Soft on your hands and with slightly less stretch than a three-strand line, it still significantly reduces shock loads on equipment. This rope is also treated with an exclusive marine coating and manufactured with precise tension for strength, abrasion resistance, and reduced shrinkage.

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