Fini MK103-150FMV-3M is a compressor with a capacity of 150 l. It can deliver a maximum pressure of 10 bar by means of an MK103 pump with a power of 3 Hp.

Fini MK103-150FMV-3M is equipped with front control systems to make it more convenient to use even in tight spaces. The FINI MK103 motor is brushless, the main component subject to wear in electric motors. It is the absence of this component that gives the motor its proverbial durability.

Belt drive is a defining feature of these compressors. The use of the belt, combined with an induction motor, contributes to the durability of this compressor,

The FINI MK103-150FMV-3M compressor combines a powerful and reliable electric motor with a large air reserve, this makes this compressor suitable for all pneumatic accessories that require medium to high air consumption.

Fini MK103-150FMV-3M is equipped with large anti-vibration feet for added stability during operation.

FINI compressor is an efficient way to solve the problem of noise in working environments, these compressors are very quiet and have a sound emission level of 74dB at a distance of 7m. The combination of high quality materials and the utmost accuracy in the assembly of the machine ensure quietness, excellent performance and long life.

The key feature of the FINI MK103-150FMV-3M is its vertical conformation, in this way, the compressor has a small footprint volume and can be used by anyone with space problems.


Phase Type: Single-phase
Power Supply Voltage: 230 V
Maximum Pressure: 10 bar
Tank Volume: 150 l
Sound Emission Level: 74dB(A)/7m
Motor Type: single-phase electric
Rated Power: 3 Hp
Silenced: No
Air Intake: 365 l/min
Pump type: single-stage
Lubrication: oil
Number of cylinders: 2
Cooling collector: No
Transmission type: belt drive
Revolutions per minute head: 1375 RPM
Length: 760 mm
Width: 60 mm
Height: 1960 mm
Dry weight: 88 Kg

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Technical Characteristics

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