Rapid Fire Extinguishing Without Set-Up Time!
OERTZEN HP Fire Extinguishing Unit without tank – installation version
extinguishing pressure 250 bar / 3625 psi
water flow rate 23 l/min / 6.1 gal/min
DUPLEX rapid attack attachment for spray and low expansion foam
60 m / 197 ft high pressure extinguishing hose

Application range: small and medium fires of class A and B, automobile fires, burning liquids, fires hard to access
Mode of action: extinguishing by water mist (cooling down fire), extinguishing by starving of oxygen (suffocating fire)

solid, surrounding steel frame (powder coated) with 4 rubber/metal bumpers, 2 cyl./ 4 stroke petrol engine (heavy duty) 13.2 kW/18 hp, with oil pressure control, electric and recoil rope starter, petrol tank 5 l / 1.3 gal (canister), reduction gearbox (pump rpm 1450 1/min), 3 cyl. inline plunger pump 23 l/min / 6.1 gal/min (splash oil lubricated) forged crankshaft, wear-free ceramic plungers, forged brass cylinder head, stainless steel valves, foam agent injection (3 %) with stop valve, thermo valve (prevents overheating), pressure relief for pump by hp unloader valve with extinguishing pistol closed

Standard equipment: DUPLEX rapid attack attachment for spray and low expansion foam, 60 m / 197 ft PANZERJET hp extinguishing hose (500 bar) on hose reel with swivel joint, crank and brake, hose swivel, lockable extinguishing pistol

Options: extinguishing water tanks from 125 l / 33 gal up to 360 l / 95 gal, MEDIJET hp extinguishing hose 60 m / 197 ft, easy coil, super even and fire-proof, mounted instead of standard PANZERJET hp hose, more accessories according to OERTZEN FIRE-TEC ORIGINAL ACCESSORIES leaflet

Order-number: 710.000.997

Technical Characteristics

Topic Description
Dimensions (frame)
980 x 560 x 560 mm / 38.2 x 21.8 x 21.8 in
138 kg / 304 lb (without tank)
4-stroke petrol engine, 2 cyl. 13.2 kW
electric / recoil rope starter
High pressure pump
3 cyl. plunger pump, 23 l/min / 6.1 gal/min
Firefighting water pressure
250 bar / 3625 psi
High pressure firefighting hose
60 m / 197 ft
Water tank
Foam agent injection
Extinguishing pistol
DUPLEX rapid attack attachment for spray and low expansion foam
Please notice
technical data are subject to alterations

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