The PROZERO 11M DCW CREW TRANSFER VESSEL is a fast transfer workboat designed specifically for transporting personnel. It is a highly versatile and flexible vessel that is designed to meet the high safety and operational requirements for Daughter Crafts. In addition to its purpose as a fast crew and passenger transporter, it is also capable of performing a range of other tasks where agility and efficiency is important. The design allows for easy access from both fore and aft deck with an emphasis on quick, but safe accommodation of passengers in the cabin and cargo on the foredeck. Particular measures have been taken to develop the specialized boarding area at the bow fender, or optionally at the side fender, to guarantee safe passage for crew and personnel. For daughter craft versions, the safe launch and recovery equipment can be altered according to individual specifications and can be fitted for both single point hoisting or access to a stern garage on a mothership. Besides improved comfort, efforts have been made to secure a high level of redundancy to keep the vessel operational and fit as a stand-alone unit that is capable of carrying out transfer operations to and from shore

Rev.25/8/16 | 5000-03-38
Length overall:
11,48 m
Beam overall:
3,85 m
10 persons
Maximum load:
1000 kg
2 x inboard diesel

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