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The sMRT ATEX life jacket and PLB solution is easy to use, auto activates and monitors the safety of your crew 24/7.

The SOLAS approved life jacket inflates and activates the sMRT ATEX approved PLB as it hits the water.

Integrated at manufacturer level, the sMRT ATEX approved PLB sends a distress alert and position via AIS & 121.5MHz or VHF DSC in accordance with new safety standards.

So, if the worst does happen, you have the best possible chance of survival.

The sMRT ATEX is manufactured to the highest quality and approved to the latest SOLAS 2010 standards, the sMRT 275N PFD is designed for constant wear with a single front closure buckle and side adjustment. The yoke-style allows for a low profile fit the PVC re-inforced cover ensures the PFD is low maintenance.

Fitted with ATEX-approved light.

Approved for use with all of MRT’s ATEX-approved PLB range.

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